Frequently asked questions

How are products packaged?
All product will be vacuum packed
How will it arrive, fresh or frozen?
All product will arrive fresh when possible, if out of season frozen may be used.  If unsure please enquire before order
What is the shelf life?
Shelf life is 18 days if fresh and 2 years if frozen. Once defrosted it will have a shelf life of 10 days
Is it all 100 per cent wild produce?
Yes all products are 100 per cent wild
Where does the product originate from?
All products are sourced in Scotland and 90 per cent from the highlands of Scotland.
Do you have any accreditations?
We are both SALSA and SQWV accredited
Do you have any products that are not available online?
Yes – please call for further information
How do I contact you?
Phone: 01863 766 162
Fax: 01863 766 859
Are there any MSA’s (major serious allergens) in your products?
The only MSA’s found are as additives to our burgers and sausages: -
a.) Wheat and gluten: in rusks and seasonings
b.) Sulphur Dioxide: in rusks and seasonings