Our Meat - Quality premium venison

Here at Ardgay, we are very particular about the deer we choose. We only source from the best estates to ensure top quality from the outset.

At our chosen estates, it is over to the keepers, ghillies and their privileged guests - when they are out on the hill - to select which deer to cull and which to leave.

Once the carcasses are despatched, they enter the cold chain and are cooled to approximately 3˚C to ensure that our rigorous quality assurance is maintained. Once chilled, the carcasses are skilfully portioned into the desired cuts ready for delivery.

All products that come through our factory here on the picturesque banks of Ardgay are 100 per cent wild.  Environmental impact is minimal. We collect as much local produce as we can, and never drive further than we need to.

We pride ourselves on going above and beyond - when it comes to service and quality.  We are the only venison processor in the UK to be both SALSA accredited and SQWV assured.