Food Safety

Storage Information


At Ardgay Game we take food safety very seriously and want to make sure you get the most out of your meat whilst keeping safe and healthy with a full tummy 😊

Food Standard Scotland (the food police) have strict guidance advising for all Food Business Operators to instruct their customers about Clostridium Botulinum control in vac packed products.  So……..

If you bought our vac packed meat, please know it needs to be kept in temperature of below 3 Celsius degree to receive the full 18 days shelf life.

 If your fridge is operating above this temperature (>3C) shelf life needs to be shortened to

10 days only.

               Furthermore to enjoy our safe and fresh product please use within 24 hours after opening. Defrost under chill temperature, once defrosted do not refreeze.

                Meat products should be cooked thoroughly before eating. Remember to separate raw meat from ready to eat products and always wash your hands and kitchen utensils after touching raw meat.

We would be happy to help and provide any future information, please email or call us on 01863766162.