Terms and conditions


We aim to not only meet the standards in quality of produce and services we provide, but exceed them. Our facilities, production, produce and services comply with all relevant legislation and are assessed regularly for compliance. Customers shopping with us online can expect the same extremely high standards of service as we offer our trade customers and those who shop in person at our store. We understand that sometimes things can go wrong and, although this does not happen often, we would like the opportunity to eradicate issues. Please contact us immediately if you experience any problems with our products, service and after sales care.


Our delivery service is reliable and efficient. We offer delivery to UK mainland and on occasion to mainland Europe. We make a small charge to cover the costs of packaging and delivery. This delivery cost is calculated based on your location and is visible before you place your final order.

Delivery Packaging

Our packaging standards ensure that your goods arrive in best condition. Most produce items will be vacuum packed and covered with an ice pack in polystyrene lining which remains at low temperatures for extended periods of time. This ice pack contains distilled water and can be disposed of with normal household refuse.

Delivery Dispatch and Pricing

Online orders are processed, packed and delivered as soon as possible.  We will deliver your order no later than 7 days, but usually within 2-3 days.  We will despatch on a Monday or a Wednesday but, where possible, we will also send out orders on a Tuesday and Thursday (we are 40 miles from the delivery depot and will only visit on a Tuesday and Thursday if we plan to be in the vicinity.  This helps to reduce costs and keep our environmental impact to a minimum.).

All orders will be subject to a £12.50 delivery charge

Acceptable Weight Variations

When you place an order online it is for a particular weight at a given price. Because orders are prepared on request, it is expected that there will be slight variation in weights. We will not request additional payments for these small differences and we will not process small refunds due to the practicalities involved. Therefore, please allow for a 5% variance of the weight ordered and that produced and delivered.

Unfulfilled Orders

Due to the nature and seasonality of some of our products, it is possible that, on occasion, supplies are low and we may not be able to fulfil some orders. In these circumstances, we will contact you immediately (within one working day) to inform you, offer alternatives or cancel your order. If the order is cancelled, we will make a full refund immediately.

Non- Delivery Claims

The delivery service we use is extremely reliable, but should your order not reach you within the times we have specified, please contact us within 24 hours of the expected delivery time so that we can trace the consignment and arrange another delivery.